SC Curriculum Access through AT

SC Curriculum Access through Assistive Technology

As a companion to the SC Department of Education Educational Technology Plan, an interactive CD ROM was developed to demonstrate principles of AT integration and highlight how assistive and information technology is used by students with disabilities to access the curriculum and reach individual goals. Over 100 students, teachers, therapists and administrators from 15 school districts and 16 schools are showcased (half of which are considered to be rural).

This CD ROM is availalbe free of charge. If you would like a copy, please contact Carol Page at

We also offer several aids to using this CD ROM, shown below:

Suggestions for Use of the CD ROM

The "Realizing the Dream - Suggestions on Use" Word document explains how to open the files (Word, html and video clips) in the CD ROM and how to use them in presentations, web pages, articles, and other resources. Suggestions are given for how to take the content of the CD ROM and share it with others.

Descriptions of Videos Contained in the CD ROM

The "Realizing the Dream - Contents" Excel document lists all the video clips with descriptions, length of time (in minutes) and location within the CD ROM. Other tabs within the Excel document categorize the CD ROM by topic and keyword (e.g., it shows all videos that relate to augmentative communication). It also identifies which videos show particular software and hardware (e.g., products and subjects). This resource can be used to choose videos for inclusion in presentations and resource materials.

Online Excerpts from the CD Rom

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