AAC Communication Devices

Feature Matching

Choosing a communication device involves Feature Matching. That is, the features of the device matches the communication needs resulting from the individual's disability. A feature matching assessment starts with identifying the needs of the individual and matching the needs with the features of a communication device or system. Special Education Technology British Columbia offers a table of considerations for AAC solutions which covers cognitive, linguistic, and literacy abilities, symbol sets, access, device outputs and tasks required to be completed and pairs this information with AAC features.

SCATP offers an AAC App Comparison Chart that breaks down AAC Apps by the features each offers.

Low Tech

Image board with activity symbols matched to text. Finger pointing to symbol for an activity
Keypad layout with alphabet, phrases, and numbers Small binder of symbols with text
Symbols fastened to a shopping cart Alphabet and symbols

Mid Tech and High Tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication Products

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