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Introduction to “Realizing the Dream”

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Text of Remarks by Inez Tenenbaum, State Superintendent of Education.

Today I’m pleased to introduce “Realizing the Dream,” the 2003-8 South Carolina Technology Plan. This document represents the efforts of more than one hundred K through 12 educators, business leaders, community members and higher education professionals.
The Technology Plan is founded on the belief that, if South Carolina is to fulfill its true potential, we have to prepare all of our students. Interwoven throughout the Plan are strategies for using assistive technology effectively. 
South Carolina’s students and teachers are at the heart of the Five Year Plan. I am confident that “Realizing the Dream” will guide school districts in providing a curriculum-aligned technology education that helps level the playing field and postures each student for progress. By working together the citizens of this great state can help to guarantee that technology resources are available and that academic success is insured during the 21st century and beyond. Thank you.

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