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compiled by Dr. Cheryl Wissick at the USC College of Education, this alphabetical listing of terrific educational resources can serve as a starting point on your search of the Web, provide interactive activities, informational resources, and lessons; and help with the integration of technology in education. One section of this web site would be of particular interest to special educators, with links for software related to web access, talking word processes and text-to-speech tools.

The National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP) Videos

Outstanding series of video profiles that vividly illustrate how students with differing disabilities use a range of assistive and instructional technologies to improve their learning. Each video, approximately 10 minutes in length, is accompanied by supporting print materials that explore topics more fully. They also offer a variety of video and captioning techniques to bolster literacy skills in students who are deaf and hard of hearing and/or who have learning disabilities.

Assistive Technology Training Online Project (ATTO)

Information on AT applications that help students with disabilities learn in elementary classrooms. Project Information; At Basics:Information on AT use for elementary students with disabilities; Resources: Links are available here to national AT organizations, projects, and listserves, Tutorials are available in PDF format. Some tutorials feature PowerPoint presentations.

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