SC AT Expo 2008

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South Carolina Assistive Technology Expo 2008
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
Columbia, South Carolina


Sessions have been approved for many disciplines through Mid-Carolina AHEC.
Summary of Continuing Education Information

** These sessions have been ASHA approved for continuing education. ASHA Brochure for the sessions offered for ASHA CEUs.

Session 1 - 9:30 -10:30 am

  • **Putting the Pieces Together: Assessment for Augmentative Communication. Overview of the AAC assessment process and review of components that must be considered in addition to an individual's communication skills, such as how physical disabilities affect a person’s ability to access communication displays and devices. Collaborating with other team members. Patty Quattlebaum, SLP, USC Developmental Pediatric Clinic, Lily Nalty, SLP, Team for Early Childhood Solutions, USC SOM, Will Harmon, PT, Lexington School District One. Approved for ASHA CEU.
  • Come Together! The Connection Between AT and UDL. Discussion of how the combination of Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning allows struggling and disabled students access curriculums through their strongest learning mode while using the appropriate devices and software. How to use these tools for reading, writing, math and physical, visual and hearing impairments. Dr. Elizabeth Bagley, Susan Maloney, and Mary Jo Schneider, SLP, SC Dept of Ed Regional AT Specialists
  • What You Wish You’d Known. Microsoft Accessibility Options & Computer Access Supports. Overview of accessibility features built into Windows XP and other Microsoft freeware supports.  Computer access supports, including adaptive and alternative mice and keyboards. Stacy Springer, MS, OTR/L, AT Specialist, Cabarrus County Schools, NC
  • Functional Living Skills Start at Home! Vocational Program for People on the Autism Spectrum. Development and demonstration of an in-home vocational training program that replicates many tasks and skills necessary to function in daily life once school is completed. Pairing step-by-step increments with visual supports. Impact on various areas of life, including school, socialization and communication. How this program might be replicated for any person on the Autism Spectrum and his/her individual skill level. Susie Bennett, SLP, Autism Consultant for Florence School District One, Val Gioia, AT Consultant, Sumter School District Two, Myra Horton, Applied Behavior Coordinator, Florence School District One, Marie Walker, Parent and Advocate

Session 2 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • **Making it Work: AAC in the School Curriculum. Practical AAC applications for students with severe speech and physical impairments, for all grade levels from primary to transition. How AAC relates to annual goals in the IEP that reflect curriculum requirements for core and resource subjects. Grace Williams, SLP, School Systems Consultant. Approved for ASHA CEU.
  • Keeping it Simple. Low Tech Computer Access. Low-tech or no-tech computer access options. - without batteries, cords, bells or whistles. Developing and finding resources for creative low-tech/low cost solutions for persons with disabilities. Practical applications of low-technology solutions across all functional areas. Dr. Elizabeth Bagley and Susan Maloney, SC Dept of Ed Regional AT Specialists, Randi Cogswell, OT, Lexington School District One, Will Harmon, PT, Lexington School District One
  • Break the Barriers! Using AT to Increase Independence for persons with brain injury or developmental disabilities. Using compensatory devices to increase independence at home, at work and in the community. Low and high tech solutions. Ways to alter or adapt common, everyday tools and equipment. Elaine Phillips, SLP, CBIT, Roger C. Peace Hospital - Rehabilitation, President-Elect of Brain Injury Alliance of SC
  • Do the Wave!  Physical Fitness and AT. Why everyone needs to be healthy. Simple and creative ways to use assistive technology and incorporate fitness into your life in your home, community or a fitness facility. Catherine Leigh Graham, Rehab Engineer, USC SOM

Session 3 - 2:00 - 3:00 pm

  • **Developing a New Dialogue: Augmentative Communication for Older Adults. Examination of issues unique to the older adult population when developing a multi modal AAC system. Discussion of opportunity and access barriers. Using low tech strategies to increase communication opportunities in this population. Dr. Caryn Melvin, SLP, Adjunct Assistant Professor, USC Dept of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Approved for ASHA CEU.
  • Get That in Writing! Assistive Technology and the IEP. Steps in writing AT into the IEP.  Consideration, decision making, documentation, and examples of AT goals and objectives to help AT and IEP teams evaluate, plan for, implement and document AT devices and services.  Key components of an IEP goal that include assistive technology for the student to access the curriculum and work more independently. Dr. Elizabeth Bagley, SC Dept of Ed Regional AT Specialist, Dr. Cheryl Wissick, USC Special Education Department, Randi Cogswell, OT, Lexington School District One, Will Harmon, PT, Lexington School District One
  • Keep in Touch!  Bridging the Telecommunications Gap. Description of the SC Equipment Distribution Program that provides telecommunications equipment to South Carolinians who are hard-of-hearing, deaf, deaf-blind, blind/low vision with hearing loss, or speech impaired. Demonstration of various types of assistive technology offered by the EDP Program. Anne Bader, SC EDP Outreach Coordinator
  • From Kiddie Pools to Tidal Waves. Hi & Low Tech Aids for Daily Living and Modifications for the Home. Review of a variety of aids and modifications that make home living easier and safer. Catherine Leigh Graham, Rehab Engineer, USC SOM

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Sponsored by the South Carolina Assistive Technology Program At USC School of Medicine Center for Disability Resources, the SC Department of Education, the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs - Midlands Center, the SC Association for Educational Technology, the USC Darla Moore School of Business, Mid-Carolina AHEC, Inc., the SC Assistive Technology Advisory Committee of the Office of the Chief Information Officer of the SC Budget and Control Board, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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