Comments about the 2009 Expo

Highly Satisfied. Everything was great, the exhibits, speakers, organization, helpful staff and volunteers.  Thanks so Much! I came away with a lot of new ideas.

-DeAnna Gray

I wanted to thank you for allowing us to be part of this year's SCAT Expo. We had great interest in the ADA voting machine. Many people took the DVD we produced, "The Voting Process for The Deaf and The Hard of Hearing." It was gratifying that some of the attendees who stopped at our booth, spoke about their experience last year with the ADA machine and curbside voting. I received many favorable comments on what the State Election Commission and County Election offices are doing to help people with special needs in the voting process. Many people stated they will continue to go vote and not solely depend on voting by absentee paper ballot.

-Hampton Miller, exhibitor for the SC State Election Commission

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