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ATIA Funding Resources Guide

The ATIA Funding Resources Guide identifies various sources and resources that you can investigate and explore as prospective funding options. The list is not all-inclusive but can be a good place to begin and/or expand your funding research. Resources include organizations, federal and state programs, special education, advocacy groups, and more.

Autism Funding for Technology

When trying to find funding to help a child with autism, start with the child's needs when considering what to start with. Does the child have difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, social skills? Once you identify the area of need, you will better know what aid to seek.

For further information on additional funding resources, contact the SC Autism Society or visit the SC Autism Society website.

Foundations for Autism Funding:

Financing Assistive Technology: Handbook for Funding

From the Trace Research and Development Center.

Funding of AT - Manual Series

Neigborhood Legal Services Inc. is a  not-for-profit agency located in Buffalo, New York that provides free legal services to persons with low-income and persons with disabilities. As a part of this outreach, they offer a series of manuals on obtaining funding for assistive technology (PDF).

Guide to Low-Cost/No-Cost Online Tools for People with Disabilities

Developed by The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) with the Northern Illinois Center for Adaptive Technology. Online resources are organized by category, free downloads and alternative funding sources are also provided.
Download the Guide to Low-Cost/No-Cost Online Tools for People with Disabilities

Making and Paying for Home Modifications to Enable Aging in Place

Reviews four different types of assistance for home modifications: loans, grants, labor and equipment loans.

Home Modifications: Funding Sources

The Council for Disability Rights lists funding sources for home modifications.

Non-Traditional Funding Sources and
Funding Strategies for Assistive Technology

Put together by James R. Sheldon, Jr., Supervising Attorney for the National Assistive Technology Advocacy Project, Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc.

SCATP List of Funding Resources for Ramps

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South Carolina Assistive Technology & WorkABILITY Loan Programs
(Alternative Financing Programs from Allied Opportunities, Inc.)

Provides funding for all types of AT items, such as vehicles, equipment, and home modifications. The item requested must relate to the type of disability and be intended to enhance the quality of life for the AT User and/or Authorized Representative of the person with a disability. The loans range from $1,000 up to $30,000.  Most applications are for purchasing modified vehicles.

Clayton Knight, Loan Program Manager
PO Box 3197
West Columbia, SC 29171
Office: (803)726-7143
Fax: (803)822-8948
SC AT Loan Program

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SC Equipment Distribution Program

SCEDP serves South Carolina residents who have a hearing or speech challenge. The equipment includes enhanced phones and alerting devices. People who qualify for the program are provided free equipment to use for as long as they remain in the state.

People can apply to SCEDP by choosing a product that meets their needs, obtaining a professional certification of a qualifying disability, and submitting the required application materials. There are no income requirements. SCEDP reaches out to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, blind/low vision with hearing loss, and speech impaired.

Application instructions can be found on the SC Equipment Distribution Program website.

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United Cerebral Palsy Site

Use the Search field on their site to find UCP pages about "funding assistive technology"

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