AT and Learning Disabilities

Spelling Resources

Spell checkers are also available as stand-alone desktop and pocketsize tools. Stand-alone spell checkers require users to enter the word (the way they think it is spelled) on a small keyboard. Some devices simply confirm and correct the spelling on a small screen; others offer a complete dictionary and thesaurus. Other devices actually “speak” the words with a speech synthesizer, so the word can be heard as well as seen. These devices are particularly valuable because they change phonetic spelling into correctly spelled words with more accuracy than spell checking software.


Word prediction programs provide suggestions of words after the first few letters are typed. This is a tremendous help to those who can correctly type the first few letters, but have difficulty spelling the whole word. Many poor spellers are not able to correctly spell words, but can recognize the word spelled correctly when they see it. Word prediction software gives several options for the individual to choose from.

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