Do the title and tagged headers give an accurate picture of the purpose of the web page?

Titles and headers are important because they're the first things read by most screen readers, so they help a person with vision impairments know immediately what's ahead. Generally, screen reader users like to see careful attention paid to heading structure, because with most screen readers, they can immediately read heading structure, get an overview of the web page, and determine if they want to continue with the information on the page.

Tagged Headers: Headings are a very important aspect of accessible web design. Section headings that are only formatted by font styles (larger, bold, etc.) aren't the same as "tagged headings." Tagged titles (shown in the code as <title>) and tagged headings (shown in the code as </h1>, </h2>, etc.) serve as landmarks for screen readers. They provide a summary of the content, and let the listener know what's coming before even hearing the first line or picture on the page. People who rely on screen readers can have only the heading tags read aloud, just like a sighted user would quickly scan the headings and see what topics are covered on the page.


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