Recreation Resources

Adaptive Sports in South Carolina
List of Adaptive Sports Programs in South Carolina.

Deaf Gamers
Reviews computer games for accessibility from the standpoint of people with deafness.

Guide to Low-Cost/No-Cost Online Tools for People with Disabilities 2005
Developed by The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) with the Northern Illinois Center for Adaptive Technology. Online resources are organized by category, free game and recreation downloads are provided.

The country's central source on toys and play for children with special needs.

Website devoted to accessible computer games. There are some inexpensive computer games that can be downloaded for free.

New Fitness & Sports Technology Era Embraces People with Disabilities
Article by Sandy Hanebrink from the November 2002 SCATP News

Located in the United Kingdom, provides a resource of fun ideas and assistive technology aimed at moderate to severely learning/physically disabled people.

Playgrounds for Everyone
App maps 1300+ accessible playgrounds – with features like smooth surfaces, swings with backs or safety harnesses, ramps to allow children to access play towers and slides, or sound-play features like drums or chimes.

Tom Lorimer's home page, has resources for the Visually Impaired computer user locate information and services relating to blindness. While many resources are related to the United Kingdom, there are online resources that apply worldwide.

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