Assistive Technology Reutilization Success Stories

A Phone for Peace of Mind...

Lavonia Graham-Dixon of the Are Agency on Aging in North Charleston made an inquiry in April, 2013 about a CapTel captioning telephone. The phone connects to a free captioning service that provides a real-time readout for people on a built-in screen of what the party on the other end of the line is saying. She had requested it on behalf of an elderly couple she was serving who had difficulty obtaining such a device on their own. SCATP mailed the phone to her, and this was her reply:

I want to thank everyone who played a part in getting my clients this CapTel phone. I received the phone at my office and I just called the client to inform her that I got a user friendly telephone for her and her husband. The client immediately began to scream and cry,

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! That's all we needed was a phone and now I can stop trying to answer the phone with a remote control!"

On behalf of my clients and myself we salute you and thanks again!

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