South Carolina Web Testers Pilot Program

The South Carolina Assistive Technology Program worked with the SC Assistive Technology Advisory Committee, under the S.C. State Budget & Control Board, to train both people who use assistive technology and those who don't, in the evaluation of state agency web pages for accessibility and usability. This pilot program was finished in August 2009, and we're now looking at future possibilities to continue the effort. For more information visit the ATAC website.

Approximately twenty testers were trained to use an online questionnaire that was developed and revised during the pilot by the ATAC Committee, chaired by SCATP staff member Janet Jendron. Testers from throughout South Carolina and neighboring states used screen readers, screen enlargers, voice-activated, and other alternative access technology to access web pages and evaluate them.

See also our Web Accessibility Evaluation Resources page and our Explanation of the Web Testers Questionnaire. We also have a page of responses to the program from the testers and agencies tested.

Read what our web testers say about their common challenges in accessing electronic information.

During the three stages of the program, 7-10 pages from each of the following agencies were evaluated:

  • SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
  • Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging
  • SC Department of Motor Vehicles
  • SC Department of Revenue
  • University of South Carolina
  • SC Ethics Commission
  • SC Department of Transportation
  • SC Governor’s Office
  • SC Election Commission
  • SC Commission for the Blind
  • SC Division of State Information Technology

Reports to the agencies have included the testers’ findings and many comments/descriptions of the testers’ successful and unsuccessful experiences in information on the agency web sites.

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