SC Assistive Technology Expo 2008 Exhibitors

Most Expo 2008 pictures were provided by Mark Gamble of SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department

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Prescription Paws sign on a table next to a dog.
Prescription Paws

Prescription Paws exhibitor with children petting a dog.
Prescription Paws

Robin Makkey with visitors at the booth.
Allied Technologies of the Carolinas

Maris Burton with students.
SC Independent Living Council

Lanny Smith with adapted keyboards.
SC Commission for the Blind

Lance Hatfield showing equipment to visitors.
GSTS Designs

Maris Burton with Rafe Ellisor.
SC Independent Living Council

Jonathan Cruce demonstrating a BAT keyboard.
SC Vocational Rehabilitation

Walt Anderson demonstrating a wheel chair that converts to a standing position.
MSL Associates

Fred Brooks with one of the dogs.
Prescription Paws

Dan McKessy demonstrating a lift to booth visitors.
Sure Hands Lift & Care Systems

Natalie Derrick and Johnell Knuckles
SC Independent Living Council

Cecilia Hem Lee explaining their services to attendees.
Talking Book Services

Ron Kuebler talking with visitors.
Lingual Perfection

Ken Whitley demonstrating a page turner.
Key Technologies

College students at the SCATP booth.
SC Assistive Technology Program

Robin Makky with Margaret Vaughn
Allied Technologies of the Carolinas, Low Vision Solutions

Carson Cochran with visitors
DynaVox Systems/Mayer Johnson

Visitor looking at an activity pad communications device.
DynaVox/Mayer Johnson

David Bundy with a visitor.
SC Commission for the Blind

Scott Chapman demonstrating an augmentative communication device.
Dynavox Technologies

Teoti Anderson
Prescription Paws

Karl Smith with Lesly Wilson
Accelerations Educational Software

Kirk Garret Jr., Kirk Garret Sr., in a van exhibited by...
Carolina Mobility Sales

Jim Branning with potential customers.
Carolina Mobility Sales

Wayne Mount talking with visitors.
Carolina Mobility Sales

C.J. Bilka talking with a visitor.
SC Pathways Towards Employment

C.B. Averitt and Hampton Miller.
South Carolina Election Commission

Janet Jendron with Jill Ellison.
Learning Resources

Bryan Smart.
Learning Resources

Trish Rhodes visiting the booth.
Capital Senior Center

Travis Snyder explaining training equipment to visitors.
National Neuro

Travis Snyder positioning a visitor in the training equipment.
National Neuro