Description of Exhibitor Pictures from the 2008 Expo:

1. Prescription Paws: Prescription Paws sign on a table next to a dog.

2. Prescription Paws: Prescription Paws exhibitor with children petting a dog.

3. Allied Technologies of the Carolinas: Robin Makkey with visitors at the booth.

4. SC Independent Living Council: Maris Burton with Rafe Ellisor.

5. SC Commission for the Blind: Lanny Smith with adapted keyboard.

6. GSTS Designs: Lance Hatfield showing equipment to visitors.

7. SC Independent Living Council: Maris Burton with Rafe Ellisor.

8. SC Vocational Rehabilitation: Jonathan Cruce demonstrating a BAT keyboard.

9. MSL Associates: Walk Anderson demonstrating a wheel chair that converts to a standing position.

10. Prescription Paws: Fred Brooks with one of the dogs.

11. Sure Hands Lift & Care Systems: Dan McKessy demonstrating a lift to booth visitors.

12. SC Independent Living Council: Natalie Derrick and Johnell Knuckles.

13. Talking Book Services: Cecilia Hem Lee explaining their services to attendees.

14. Lingual Pefection: Ron Kuebler talking with visitors.

15. Key Technologies: Ken Whitley demonstrating a page turner.

16. SC Assistive Technology Program: College students at the SCATP booth.

17. Allied Technologies of the Carolinas, Low Vision Solutions: Robin Makky with Margaret Vaughn.

18. DynaVox Systems/Mayer Johnson: Carson Cochran with visitors.

19. DynaVox Systems/Mayer Johnson: Visitor looking at an activity pad communications device.

20. SC Commission for the Blind: David Bundy with a visitor.

21. DynaVox Technologies: Scott Chapman demonstrating an augmentative communication device.

22. Prescription Paws: Teoti Anderson

23. Acclerations Educational Software: Karl Smith with Lesly Wilson.

24. Carolina Mobility Sales: Kirk Garrett Jr. and Kirk Garrett Sr. in a van being shown with ....?

25. Carolina Mobility Sales: Jim Branning with potential customers.

26. Carolina Mobility Sales: Wayne Mount talking with visitors.

27. SC Pathways Towards Employment: C.J. Bilka talking with a visitor.

28. South Carolina Election Commission: C.B. Averitt and Hampton Miller.

29. Learning Resources: Janet Jendron with Jill Ellison.


31. Capital Senior Center: Trish Rhodes visiting the booth.

32. National Neuro: Travis Snyder explaining training equipment to visitors.

33. National Neuro: Travis Snyder positioning a visitor in the training equipment.