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Dec. 1, 2009 CSS Training Comments –

"Great information, and very helpful, just wasn't long enough!!"
-Marlon Hudson

"The training was very effective for me. I know a little about web design and accessibility, but this training brought more clarity to what I’m trying to do. Also, I was able to network with other webmasters and get some really great tips and ideas from them too. Thanks for the training!!!"
-Kenya Gridine

"I thought the training was extremely good and well presented – wish it had been all day. If it could ever be such, it would be really good to do what we did in the a.m. (a quick run-through of CSS basics) and then in the afternoon focus more in detailed examples of how to use it to optimize accessibility as I imagine there is lots that could be said about that. Would be good to see a “before” and “after” site with some discussion of the impact of the changes for users. Thanks for continuing to offer such valuable content."
-Dawn Sudduth

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I knew just enough about web design and html to not be lost. The fast pace kept it interesting, and CB was able to deliver a lot of information in a short amount of time.  The instruction was clear, the website examples demonstrated the topics, and the hands-on walk through at the end helped pull it all together. Great job!!  Thanks to all who made this possible."
-Tina Winter

Mar. 19, 2010 CSS Training comments-

The information in the class was perfect to my stage of web development.  I have revamped our site but maintenance tends to be time consuming when tables are involved.  This training will allow me to move to a more streamlined site using CSS. I really did enjoy the class and can't wait to put it to action.
-Pam Sutphin, Spartanburg Community College.

One of the best, most useful workshops I’ve ever had, seriously! I think there are so many web folks like me who kind of were thrown into it and didn’t get a great basic foundation. Basic is good, and CB presented it so clearly and with purpose. A++++
-Jane Bird, Spartanburg Community College

I really enjoyed the class. It was packed with helpful information that has really helped me in my quest to learn from any web classes.
I especially liked the back and forth information from the attendees also. I could have stayed all day in that class.
-Gerald Foster, DDSN

The training was perfect length.  Any shorter would've been too little and any longer would've been a class.  For a seminar it was the perfect amount of information.  It covered all of the basics about applying CSS.  Everything seemed appropriate.  I wish I had attended the event at the Marriott the day before.  If any other event of this kind is held in the upstate I hope you all will use the list of contacts you sent this to to make us aware.  I really appreciate the fact that this training was free and I can't quite believe it.  Thank you for what you gave us.
-James Dimsdale

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