Resources on Writing for the Web

WebAIM’s Writing Clearly and Simply

WebAIM is a highly respected resource in all areas of accessible web design. Their site has many tutorials and articles, as well as an email discussion list.

Writing for the Web Jakob Nielsen's Website with many resources and an alertbox column.

Colorado State's Writing Guide for Email

Note: This link is to the "print-friendly" page for the information. When you click on the hot links on that page, it takes you to a non-print friendly page that's a bit cumbersome. All the information is on this page, so it's best not to use the hot links.

Content & Usability: Web Writing

Webcredible is a commercial company based in the UK. They offer many free resources on web accessibility and usability, including a newsletter.

Tips on Writing Web Sites and Web page Optimization -
Web Copywriting Tips

The Web Content Cafe's suggestions focus on commercial web sites. Some topics include:

Too Many Choices Reduces Conversion Rates

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